What we do at meetings

Some things we have done over the years (we’re also open to suggestions):

  • Guest speakers (veterinarians or other ferret experts)
  • Craft day workshops: Ferret “bling” (ferret necklaces for photos), crochet eggs, polymer clay
  • Sewing days: How to make hammocks, sleep sacks, blankets
  • No-sew days: No-sew sleep sacks
  • Games: Ferret Bingo, ferret trivia
  • Photo shoots
  • Ferret care workshops: How to make your own duck soup, herbal remedies, making a medical file, new treatments for ferret diseases, emergency information, how to give medication
  • Ferret picnics (ferrets play games and win ribbons and prizes)
  • Ferret mini-shows at the picnics
  • How to photograph your ferret
  • Halloween Party (ferrets dress up in costumes and win prizes)
  • Ask the Expert: Question and answer session
  • Holiday Party: Ferrets exchange gifts and people party
  • Legal planning for your ferrets (Living Will)
  • How to prepare for a ferret show
  • Toy workshop: Make ferret toys
  • Ferret enrichment: How to keep your ferret happy and out of your stuff
  • Discussion on food: Best dry food, raw feeding, whole prey, etc.

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