Mission Statement: To further the education, awareness and enjoyment of the domestic ferret.

The Three Rivers Ferret Council, Inc. has been a 501(c)3 non-profit since 2001, and formed in 1996. We hold monthly meetings (usually on the third Sunday of the month, but please check the calendar). Some things we have done over the years (we’re also open to suggestions):

  • Guest speakers (veterinarians or other ferret experts)
  • Craft day workshops: Ferret “bling” (ferret necklaces for photos), crochet eggs, polymer clay
  • Sewing days: How to make hammocks, sleep sacks, blankets
  • No-sew days: No-sew sleep sacks
  • Games: Ferret Bingo, ferret trivia
  • Photo shoots
  • Ferret care workshops: How to make your own duck soup, herbal remedies, making a medical file, new treatments for ferret diseases, emergency information, how to give medication
  • Ferret picnics (ferrets play games and win ribbons and prizes)
  • Ferret mini-shows at the picnics
  • How to photograph your ferret
  • Halloween Party (ferrets dress up in costumes and win prizes)
  • Ask the Expert: Question and answer session
  • Holiday Party: Ferrets exchange gifts and people party
  • Legal planning for your ferrets (Living Will)
  • How to prepare for a ferret show
  • Toy workshop: Make ferret toys
  • Ferret enrichment: How to keep your ferret happy and out of your stuff
  • Discussion on food: Best dry food, raw feeding, whole prey, etc.

Joining the Three Rivers Ferret Council

While you do not need to be a paid member to be able to come to our meetings and events, if you join, you will get a discount on event admission, a discount on merchandise that we sell, availability of ferret sitters, access to our lending library and a nifty-keen membership card.

List of officers

President: Barb Carlson, bcarlson@andrew.cmu.edu

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