February Meeting Notes

Meeting Minutes

May and June still need things to do.  So for may, we will do no-sew fleece.  Everyone has to bring in their own fleece – currently polar fleece is on clearance
March will be photos
April is paw painting – we have paints.
June – we still need determine what to do.  We could do bingo again.  Or a Q & A.
July – ice cream social – TRFC supplies ice cream and you bring your toppings.
Becky will bring dry ice
August will be picnic planning meeting and chariot making
Daphne knows how to do paperwork – Lisa will call about reserving hall
Sept – 18th – Picnic
Oct – halloween costume contest – prizes are gift certificates for store
Nov – Christmas photos if we don’t get Dr. Wagner to come.
Dec – Xmas party with gift exchange.  $10 gifts
For picnic –
Food being brought needs to indicate ingredients for those who are allergic.
Jackie needs a helping hand
Someone for the grill
Need help at registration and for the Raffle as well
Kris M offered to do games
Joe will help signs.
Becky with do flyers and program
Before the picnic we will place a t-shirt order ( we need to create a form for the website for members to submit sizes that they want)
Joe asked about running an ad in the pet connections magazine for the picnic…
Rick Ruff – raw food vendor from Ohio – he does presentation about raw food feeding

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