2011 Spring Fling Picnic/Mini-show in North Park

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May 15 2011
11:00 AM – 6:00 PM
Ranch House, North Park
Kummer Road – across from the Golf Course

This year we’re having a picnic/mini-show in NORTH PARK! We will still be having the fall picnic in September in South Park.

Many exciting activities will be available throughout the day including 6 fun games for your ferret to play, 10 Specialty Rings for your ferret to compete, and NEW: Games for people too!

We will have a raffle of ferret items as well as a picnic for the humans. Ferret owners from across the area will be here, so why not join the fun?

Specialty Ring Entries & Fees: The show is open to all ferrets at least 16 weeks of age in good health. All entries are first come, first served—so mail early. Entries will be accepted up to judging time if space is available. Only 5 total entries will be taken for each ring. There is a 2 ferret per owner/ring limit (for example, you cannot enter 3 in sable but you can put 2 in sable and 2 in shelter) to make it fair for everyone. Each entrant will receive a ribbon for the class and the winner will get a cool trophy. Entries are $5 each for paid members of the TRFC and $7 each if you are not a member. Sorry, no refunds. Substitutions and entries will be allowed at the door if space is available.

Specialty (color) classes: Albino/DEW, Black Sable, Blaze/Panda, Champagne, Chocolate, Mutt, Sable, Senior, Shelter, Silver.

Fun Matches & Fees: There will be 6 exciting games for you and your ferret to play. They include: Chariots of Fire, Paper Bag Escape, Costume Contest, NEW! Pop Goes the Weasel, NEW! Ferret Bowling and Ferret Jockey. Each game is $1 to play. Entries for games will be taken at the time the game is played. No pre-entries for games are accepted. The top 3 finishers in each game will receive a ribbon and the first place winner will get a cool trophy.

Cook-out Picnic: Please plan to bring a small dish to share if you are going to participate in the picnic. The TRFC supplies hotdogs, hamburgers, buns, condiments, paper products and drinks. Suggestions on items to bring: salads, ice, fruit, desserts… anything you can eat at a picnic! There is a refrigerator and stove available at the picnic site if needed.

Address for GPS is: 10198 Kummer Rd, Alison Park, PA 15101. The place is called the North Park Ranch House (look for signs).

Click here to open a pdf file of the Registration Packet and print on your computer: 2011 May Spring Fling Registration Packet

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