2011 Spring Fling — Paper Box Escape Results

The Paper Bag Escape morphed into the Paper Box Escape because we couldn’t find the paper bags. It turned out to be a really fun game, and will show up again at later picnics. As always, some ferrets chose to stay under the box (the time limit was 2 minutes), some came out quickly, and others headed for the hills while still under the box! It was a hilarious spectator game, and we’re sorry we didn’t get any photos of it (the photographer was running the game).

Place Time Ferret Owner
1st place 9.4 sec David Krissie & Ajay
2nd place 27.4 sec Streak Ross & Jenae
3rd place 30.8 sec Wilbur MJ

As you can see, David was truly an escape artist!

Runners up:

Jack: 37.6
Boomer: 56.2
Beast: 114.9
Oliver: 123.2
Lucy: 127.3
Athena: 138.6
Tucker: 144.1
Ruby Tuesday: timed out
Geronimo: timed out
Kiki: timed out
Meena: timed out
Meeka: timed out

The order of running was:
1 Streak (28.4)
2 Wilbur (30.8)
3 Kiki (2min)
4 David (9.4)
5 Boomer (56.2)
6 Jack (37.6)
7 Oliver (123.2)
8 Meeka (2min)
9 Beast (114.9)
10 Ruby Tuesday (2min)
11 Geronimo (2min)
12 Tucker (144.1)
13 Athena (138.6)
14 Lucy (127.3)
15 Meena (2min)

The analytical among you may note that the later the run, the longer the ferrets stayed under. We theorize this was because of all the fascinating ferret scents each ferret was leaving behind. We may modify how the game is run, or give them all a second run to try to even out the scent thing.

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