2011 Spring Fling Results

We had our Spring Fling picnic on May 15, 2011 at the Ranch House in North Park. It started out pretty wet, but as the day went on, things dried out and the sun even made an appearance for the Chariots of Fire race. Photos will be uploaded soon.

The Ferret Jockey Race was canceled due to rain. The Costume Contest was canceled because Becky Watson was the only one to bring a costume. Actually, she brought an entire box of costumes. She was willing to share, but it was 100% certain that one of her costumes would win! The Ferret Bowling had technical difficulties. These games will come back another day under better circumstances.

Here are the quick results. For more in-depth information and descriptions, click on the show ring or game title.


Pop Goes the Weasel
(Natalie Huddleston gets the Most Psychic award for guessing correctly 100% of the time!)

Place Time (sec) Ferret Owner
1st place 6 David Krissy Frank
2nd place 7 Mindy Pat Andrews
3rd place 9 Tucker Pat Andrews

Paper Box Escape

Place Time Ferret Owner
1st place 9.4 sec David Krissie & Ajay
2nd place 27.4 sec Streak Ross & Jenae
3rd place 30.8 sec Wilbur MJ

Chariots of Fire

Place Ferret
1st place Zoe
2nd place Squeaky
3rd place Bean
4th place Streak

Show Results

1st Booda Shannon Moore
2nd Moon Shadow Pat Andrews
3rd Casey Pat Andrews
Black Sable
1st Lucy Daphne Roberts
2nd Digger Janice Shenefelt
3rd Mina Daphne Roberts
1st Ruby Tuesday Becky Watson
2nd Ozzy Shannon Moore
1st Tee Tucker Pat Andrews
2nd Echo Locator Pat Andrews
3rd Bubbles Natalie Huddleston
1st Torque Renee Tabak
2nd Meeka Stacey Kelly
3rd Malo Renee Tabak
1st Mindy Pat Andrews
2nd Ruby Tuesday Becky Watson
1st Oliver Caelie McMillan
2nd Athena Ross Knepper
3rd Geronimo Barb Carlson
1st Moon Shadow Pat Andrews
2nd Sly Kathy Stewart
3rd Casey Pat Andrews
1st Bentley Leonard Jarabec
2nd Ruby Tuesday Becky Watson
3rd Casey Pat Andrews
1st Pookie Bear Rebecca Klink
2nd Mr. Vanilla Bean Shannon Moore
3rd Boomerang Shannon Moore

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